A few texts in Esperanto, about Quakerism

Letter from Georges Fox (picture)
Excerpt of a letter from Georges
Fox to the King of England.
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Various texts have been published in Esperanto, about quakerism and the Quakers. They appeared during the last few decades. Some of them were published by KES, and some not. At various moments and from various countries, writers have published litterature written originally in esperanto or translated from quaker material.

One weigthy text for the Quakers is Advices and Queries (translated as "Konsiloj kaj demandoj" in esperanto). The first version goes as far back as the 17th century, in England. It has been rewritten many times since then, and Quakers of other countries have written their own version of it. Quakers often use citations from this work, finding inspiration and stimulation in it.

You can download it here, from our esperanto pages:  Konsiloj kaj Demandoj, 1994 Konsiloj kaj Demandoj - 1994
First written from notes by Douglas Draper, at the 2007 Poznan KES meeting.
Revised in depth by David Kelso and Douglas Draper, in May 2010.

Other texts in esperanto :

  • La kvakera vojo, (The Quaker way), lecture of Frank Sharman (1985; kajero KES 1987)
  • Religio de sperto, (A religion of experience), an article from Joan Benner (from Kvakera Esperantisto, 1989)
  • La interna lumo, (The inner light), an article from Albert Goodheir (from Kvakera Esperantisto, 1989)
  •  ( More to come… )

Many other books and leaflets are listed on our page Books.

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