Online study-groups on quakerism
in 15 languages (including in esperanto)

The Woodbrooke Center have set up and animates online study-groups about quakerism.
The goal is to help newcomers and curious people to find out more about quaker traditions, faith and practice. This occurs by group discussions around classical and explanatory texts.
We participate in mixed groups of 5-10 newcomers with a few long-timer quakers, exchanging thoughts and reactions on a private online platform. The group review one thema a week, for seven weeks.
Texts and material for those discussions are already available in 15 languages (including esperanto). (Address of the Moodle webplatform for this: –> "Quaker in Europe")

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Lille, France (August 2015)

The 100th International Congress of esperanto has just ended in Lille, in the north of France. This "anniversary"-congress (the 100th !) occured in Lille, the large city closest to Boulogne-sur-Mer, where the very first International Congress occured (some 100 years ago !).
Immediatly after the congress, we also held a meeting in Lille for the KES members. (1st - 3rd of August 2015)

A report on this meeting will be published here, on this website, when available.

Nitra, Slovakia, in 2016 !

Some members of KES met again in Nitra in 2016, during and just after the International Congress of Esperanto.

Contact us for more information.