This website: why ? for whom ?

When we publish these pages (in English and other languages), it is not because we claim to present all at once the Esperanto international language AND the Quakers to an English speaking audience which doesn't know either of them. Our pages might just say a few words about them, and supply you with some links, where you will find more comprehensive information. But our pages specifically intend to…

  • present the esperanto language to Quakers generally (either English speaking ones, or German, French, etc.)
  • present the Quakers to the Esperanto speakers, who are probably more numerous than Quakers in the entire world
  • give to both these groups some historical insights, since links between Quakerism and the international language go far back in their respective history…
  • supply online some classical Quaker texts translated into Esperanto
  • be a voice and a path to facilitate contact between these two communities, because knowing each other, and being able to communicate on an equal footing across the language barrier, is certainly a good start towards recognizing "that of God" in everyone.
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